Branch Library

A moderate selection of books is available each month for members and visitors alike to read through and consult during the meeting, if you become a member of the main society you are also entitled to borrow these books to look through and consult in your own time.

As well as books which have been donated to the branch library the main society also holds a significant amount of books and journals related to cacti & succulents which can be viewed in person by arrangement with the society librarian or you can request copies of extracts of books and journals on CD or by email for a small fee, for more information please consult the British Cactus & Succulent Society Website

As well as the above resources there is a growing number of quality cactus & succulent journals which are published freely online such as the Cactus Explorers Club Journal which has a broad selection of articles covering cacti & succulents and Acta Succulenta a bilingual journal focussing on succulents & xerophytic plants.

Another excellent resource for cactus and succulent books online is the Cactus and Succulent Digital Library which hosts hundreds of out of print books whose authors have allowed their publication freely online and also books whose copyright has expired.



A small selection of recommended reads made available by the Cactus and Succulent Digital Library:

This is a complete list of all books which are currently held by the Isle of Wight Branch as part of our library, if you wish to make sure a specific book is definitely available to read at our next meeting then please use the contact form provided.

Currently, all books are brought to each meeting by the secretary, however this may change if more books are added in the future.

Book Number Title Author Published ISBN Status
1 The Encyclopaedia of Cacti Willy Cullmann; Erich Götz; Gerhard Gröner 1987 9780881921007 Available
2 The Cactus Family Edward F Anderson 2001 9780881924985 Available
3 Letts Guide to Cacti of the World Brian M Lamb 1991 9781852381219 Available
4 The Illustrated Dictionary of cacti R & K Preston-Mafham 1991 9780713720921 Available
5 The Cactus Handbook Erik Haustein 1988 9781555212063 Available
6 The Plantfinder’s Guide to Cacti & Other Succulents Keith Grantham & Paul Klaassen 1999 9780881924251 Available
7 Cacti & Succulents Terry Hewitt 1998 9781859675939 Available
8 Cacti & Succulents Hans Hecht 1994 9780806905488 Available
9 Cacti and Succulents in Habitat K Preston-Mafham 1994 9780304342945 Available
10 The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cacti & Other Succulents Říha; Rudolf Šubík; Kenneth A Beckett; Gillian Beckett 1981 9780706414929 Available
11 The Handbook of Cacti & Succulents Clive Innes 1988 9781555212377 Available
12 Succulents II The New Illustrated Dictionary Maurizio Sajeva & Mariaangla Costanzo 2000 9780881924497 Available
13 Succulents The Illustrated Dictionary Maurizio Sajeva & Mariaangla Costanzo 1994 9780881922899 Available
14 Succulents Terry Hewitt 2002 9781842155677 Available
15 Succulents in Cultivation Vera Higgins 1960 Available
16 Lithops : Treasures of the Veld ; Observations on the Genus Lithops N.E. Br. Steven A Hammer 1999 9780902099647 Available
17 Crassulas in Cultivation Vera Higgins 1964 Available
18 The Royal Horticultural Society Gardeners’ Encyclopedia of Plants Christopher Brickell; Royal Horticultural Society. 1994 9780751301472 Available
19 Studies in the Opuntioideae (Cactaceae) David Hunt & Nigel Taylor 2002 9780953813414 Available
20 Pachyforms: a Guide to Growing Caudiciform and Pachycaul Plants Philippe de Vosjoli 2004 9780974297118 Available
21 Cactus and Succulents : A Care Manual Toni & Susanne Mace 1998 9781571456199 Available
22 A Gallery of Agaves : (Including Variegates) John Pilbeam 2013 9780902099968 Available
23 Succulents in Nature Laura Guglielmone 2012 9780902099951 Available
24 An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Cacti Clive Innes & Charles Glass 1991 9780747204022 Available
25 British Cactus & Succulent Society Handbook of Shows 10th Edition (Latest Edition) British Cactus & Succulet Society 2014 Available
26 Fine-flowered Cacti; Epiphyllums and Others for Home and Greenhouse, Frederic Richard McQuown 1972 9780498010583 Available
27 Aloes : for Greenhouse and Indoor Cultivation W C Noble 1976 Available
28 Collectors Cacti Edward V Bloom 1960 Available
29 Echeverias R Ginns 1968 9780902099005 Available
30 The Illustrated Reference on Cacti & Other Succulents Vol. 1 Edgar Lamb; Brian Michael Lamb 1955 Available
31 The Illustrated Reference on Cacti & Other Succulents Vol. 2 Edgar Lamb; Brian Michael Lamb Available
32 The Illustrated Reference on Cacti & Other Succulents Vol. 3 Edgar Lamb; Brian Michael Lamb Available
33 The Illustrated Reference on Cacti & Other Succulents Vol. 4 Edgar Lamb; Brian Michael Lamb Available
34 The Illustrated Reference on Cacti & Other Succulents Vol. 5 Edgar Lamb; Brian Michael Lamb Available