Table Show

Table Show

Each month from March - November we host a table show at each meeting for members to show off some of their plants and hopefully win a cup at the end of the year!


  • Stent Cup: For any succulent (inc. cacti) 4" pot or less
  • Branch Cup: For a specimen cactus (no pot limit)
  • Branch Shield: For a specimen succulent (no pot limit)
  • Wight Cup: For a cactus or succulent in flower (no pot limit)

Up to two plants may be entered in each class and points will  be awarded for prizes as judged. The member with the greatest number of points during the year for each class will receive a trophy.

There is no table show in January, February, August and December.

Table Show Groups 2018

  Branch Cup Branch Shield
March Any plant, max pot size 150mm  Any plant, max pot size 150mm
April Turbinocarpus Group Adromischus Subgroup
May Rebutia Group Haworthia Group
June Mammillaria Group Agave Group
July Echinocereus Group Echeveria Subgroup
September Gymnocalycium Group Lithops Subgroup
October Coryphantha Group Conophytum Subgroup
November Rhipsalis Group Euphorbia Group