Another brilliant meeting

Once again our last branch meeting was a great success with another good turn out of regular members (however we would love to see some new faces!) we were delighted with a talk from Paul Klaasen on what he did last winter which as usual seemed to be a fair amount! and we look forward to inviting him back again next year for another of his wonderful talks.

Just a reminder for anyone thinking of coming to the next meeting that this will be in September as the August meeting will be held at the home of Robin & Joan Goodredge which understandably will only be open to current members.

The September meeting will be a talk on plants of the tribe Rhipsalideae which is a select group of epiphytic (tree dwelling) or Lithophytic (rock dwelling) plants. This group ranges from flamboyant Christmas Cacti (Schlumbergera truncata hybrids) to more diminutive flowering cacti It’s hopefully going to be a good mix of slides and practical demonstrations of how to grow these wonderfully diverse plants and how their culture differs to the cacti & succulents more commonly grown by the societies members.

so I look forward to seeing you all there!

Schlumbergera opuntioides

An example of an unusual plant from the tribe Rhipsalideae, Schlumbergera opuntioides an endemic species from the Atlantic Forest (Mata Atlântica) of South Eastern Brazil a fascinating plant which resembles remarkably the pads of the Prickly Pear (Opuntia sp.)

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